About Us
About MinuteStaff

We're part of a network of many legitimate websites that have been online since 2009. We power many very well known legitimate networks with positive feedback all over the net. Want to start an incentive network from scratch within a few minutes? We got you covered! Otherwise, if you have operate an incentive network, we have an easily integrate offer wall for your network. We'd like to be the partner or provider of your incentive network! We look forward to working with you.
How does it work?
Want to Open an Incentive Network?

  1. Register as a network provider and customize your incentive website.
  2. Purchase the license and hosting fee to put your site online.
  3. Setup and customize categories, pages, blocks, and additional content on your website.
  4. Advertise your network to the public and do occasional management.
  5. Get paid for user activity on your site and request cash out to your preferred payment.
  6. Sit back while we work to make sure that your incentive network is profitable.

Operate an Incentive Network? Integrate Our Offer Wall!

  1. Register as a network owner and customize your offer wall.
  2. Fill out an approval application and answer some questions about your website.
  3. Add the Offer Wall iFrame to your existing incentive network.
  4. Integrate our Notification Postback to instantly credit your members easily.
  5. Get paid for user activity on the offer wall and request cash out at any time.
  6. Sit back while we work to make sure that your incentive network is profitable.

Why Choose Us?

Feature Rich Network
We've programmed a feature rich incentive network website for you so you don't have to. Our network comes with all the tools needed to get your incentive network up and running.
Lifetime Upgrades
Network site updates are automatically applied to your website, free of cost. Feel free to pass on feature requests to our developers and see them integrated!
Managed Hosting Provided
Hosting is provided to you at no additional cost for you incentive network. Our server administrators will manage the servers that your site is hosted on for you.
Customizable Website
Be different from the competition, we allow you to customize your website as you see fit. Integrate and change the site theme and style to fit your ideal design.
Easy to Use Interface
Our backend interface administrator panel is easy to use and understand. You'll be able to get your website up and running without any trouble.
24/7 Tech Support
We have 24 /7 support team to assist you with any questions that you may have. Our staff guarantees that no issue will be left unanswered and will always be addressed.
Network Site Up in Minutes
With your network site already built for you, you will have your website up within minutes. Simply customize your site's setting, pages, and blocks, then put it online. It's easy!
Payments Processed
We will process payments for your members for you at zero cost to you! You will never have to worry about paying your members, as we'll handle it for you.
Multiple Payment Methods
We offer multiple payment methods to you and your network without any hassle. Some payment methods that we offer include Paypal, Payza, and Amazon Payments.
Advertisers Provided
Most incentive networks fail to due to a low number of advertisers. We take the worry away for you, we'll take care of getting the advertisers for your site.
Minimal Management
We'll handle the basic tasks of managing your incentive network for you. Put your time where it matters and rest assured that we've got your site covered.
Low Startup Cost
There is a no start up fee to start your incentive network with us. We've waived it for you! Simply pay the license and web hosting fee that you can optionally deducted from your payment cash out.